Panel Discussion on AEM as a Cloud Service

Panel Discussion on AEM as a Cloud Service

May 22, 2020 0 By Tad Reeves

On May 28th, I’m going to be participating on an exciting panel discussion on AEM as a Cloud Service put on by the Adobe Global Community. If you haven’t already registered, do so now!

Everyone in the discussion is going to be seriously hands-on folks from the AEM community, including:

We Need Your Questions!

I wanted to get some feedback from the community though on what you want to talk about, as this is NOT a marketing / PR thing but a very nuts & bolts discussion oriented at teams looking at the future of infrastructure.

Questions we’re planning on taking up with the panel are:

  • WHAT is AEM as a Cloud Service? 
  • HOW is it different for developers working on on-premise vs self-hosted cloud vs Adobe Managed Services?
  • Who is the ideal customer for AEM Sites as a Cloud Service, given the current state of the product? Related: are there limitations which would contraindicate some customers from considering it?
  • Who is the ideal customer for AEM Assets as a Cloud Service?
  • What should current AEM customers know about changes to the way continuous integration & code deployment work on AEM as a Cloud Service?
  • What feature or features of AEM as a Cloud Service are you most excited about. Scaling limitations?
  • What is the cost structure for the Cloud Service versions of AEM Sites and AEM Assets?
  • MIGRATION: What does the migration process look like presently?

These are our planned set of topics currently, but we want to answer questions YOU have about your AEM future, and how this new service may become a part of it (now or in the future).

What questions do you have, which you’d like to see the panel take up?