Tom & Katie Married with Scientology Ceremony

November 18, 2006 0 By Tad Reeves

At her Il Ristorantino dining spot, owner Simona Palazzini offered a “Top Gun” menu that included fettuccine with seafood called “Mission Impossible” and apple pie with cream and hot chocolate named after Suri. At the nearby Trattoria del Castello, guests could order a “Tom e Kat” — a basket of parmesan cheese with truffles and mushrooms.”Wishing you love and happiness,” read one sign written in English and taped to the window of a coffee shop.On Friday evening, Cruise and Holmes attended a reception at a villa on a hill overlooking Rome.
Scientology ceremonies contain many elements of traditional weddings, including rings and vows. But they also include certain Scientology fundamentals, including vowing never to go to bed without communicating about any differences.

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes wed –

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