Scientology Organizations I’ve Visted Recently

April 3, 2007 0 By Tad Reeves

I’ve been tinkering around a bit more with this MS LiveWriter (people are going to start thinking I’m being paid if I don’t write an article on Linux soon) and am still completely enamoured with this “insert-a-map” feature of LiveWriter.

I tried a few more locations after the first that I tried on the last post, and blam – came up with maps instantly.  For example, as an computer individual, I’ve had the opportunity to travel around a bit on various consultant tasks.  In doing so, I’ve gotten to visit all manner of Scientology organizations.  Here are a few, utilizing the bird’s-eye view feature of MS Live Maps:


Okay – my first one was a bust.  Here’s the Church of Scientology in St. Louis, MO – taken from straight up.  I guess because the Scientology Church there is in University city, not in downtown, a bird’s-eye view wasn’t available.

Take 2:


BLAM – that’s what I’m talking about.  Church of Scientology Boston, right at 448 Beacon St. in gorgeous Back Bay.  I spent my childhood running around there – just ask Scientology Staff member Gerard Renna

Next try:  

OK, that isn’t the most flattering shot, but when you pan around it works out better.  This is the parking lot and barely the front entrance of the Church of Scientology in Los Angeles.

All right — last try:

Oh! That worked.  This shows, on the right side, the front entrance of the Church of Scientology in Sanfrancisco – the organization opened up by Mr. David Miscavige in November of 2003.  On the left, you can see the landmark TransAmerica tower, the newer version of the building the Church of Scientology occupies — which was the original TransAmerica building. 

Scientology Washington DCEach of these were just done by finding the Church of Scientology in the Global Locator (nifty one on the Scientology Volunteer Ministers site that I’ll write about later) and then just add it.

Presto, pasto.