Scientology in Sri Lanka

February 15, 2007 1 By Tad Reeves

Here’s an outstanding photo I just came across on Thorsten Overgaard’s After the Tsunami site, detailing the work of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers after the Indian Ocean Tsunami in December 2004.

Mr. Jagdish Singh from Kolkata reading Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard at the Kolkata Book Fair.

Mr. Overgaard is an outstanding photographer, IMHO.  His site has a ton of other good works of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers of the area.

As he posted on his site,

“They appreciated our help – many people we met on the streets stopped
us to thank us for being there and for our efforts – but they resent
western, often materialistic, people coming to their country and try to
run things, tell them to change their religion, eat pills to be happier
about the tsunami, paint their houses in some trendy colors and what
have you. What they wanted was help and support to help themselves come
back to the life they have been living for thousands of years in
harmony with nature and their soul.”

The Scientology religion doesn’t espouse any particular explanation
or description of God. Muslims, Jews, Christians, Buddhist or anybody
are welcome to use Scientology to become better Muslims, Jews or
whatever. The purpose for going to Sri Lanka was to help: Therefore the
word “minister” and the Scientology cross were omitted on the shirts
worn by the volunteers working in Sri Lanka to avoid any confusion as
to what their intentions were.

Numerous people and
organizations have helped and are still helping in Asia. In Sri Lanka
for example 2,500 US Marines cleared roads and rebuilt bridges for two
months. I saw UN cars in Colombo and Galle and US AID t-shirts on 100
locals who were cleaning up bricks in Galle.

one also occasionally sees a full blown, Madison Avenue advertising
film crew replete with klieg lights, Panavision movie camaras,
directors chairs, assistants, and French chefs working the catering
wagon while dozens of people are standing around wearing sunglasses —
right next door to acres of tents packed with tsunami survivors. Let’s
hope the commercial being filmed raises lots of aid money.

Help come in many forms.

of my reasons for going was, as I said, to help in any way I could. But
I also wanted to learn for myself what was really going on. On one hand
the Red Cross announced that they didn’t need more people in the
affected areas. Yet the Scientology Volunteers on the ground reported
that they could use all the help that could get there. Contrary
information that just didn’t add up. I wanted to find out what was
going on for myself and I wanted to let others know. I wanted to
document and report things as they were – especially the good things,
because the bad things had been reported so extensively, we all felt we
could be hit by a tsunami any moment.


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