Scientology Disaster Response Specialist Course embraced by firefighters of Maharashtra

February 6, 2007 0 By Tad Reeves

I just found this outstanding article on the Afternoon Dispatch & Courier newspaper site, a newspaper from Bombay (Mumbai), India.
The Scientology Volunteer Ministers Program has been spreading all over India of late (as this story goes over) and fire fighters and police stations all over are getting involved as the program provides simple, effective solutions they can use.
Here’s the article:
Scientology, founded by Mr. L. Ron Hubbard, means “Knowing How To Know” and hundreds of thousands have been seeing a group of people all over Mumbai in yellow shirts who have, as their logo, “Something Can Be Done About It.”

At the National Fire Service College training centre in Taloja over the past two weeks there has been a training course with a difference. The Scientology International Volunteers who have been in Mumbai for the past few weeks as part of their tour throughout India, were requested to train up a group of fire sub officers who are shortly due to be posted throughout the country.
The fact that the Scientology Volunteers had already trained up the West Bengal Home Civil Defence trainers to spectacular results as well as the CRPF 73rd Bn in Delhi may or may not have had something to do with the fact that when Mathew Andrews, the Scientology Public Exec walked in to the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, he was, literally within minutes seen by the Disaster Management Dept CEO Mr. Vaidya as well as the Deputy Commissioner in charge of Disaster Management Mr. Hire.

Within the next couple of hours it was approved for top men from the health, education and disaster management departments along with the Mumbai Fire Brigade to undertake the Scientology training. The Nariman Point Fire Station was given to the Scientology Goodwill Tour to use to put up their distinctive “Something Can Be Done About It” yellow tent. This is where the first of the training was conducted at the end of December and where people from all walks of life are coming daily to do a Scientology course.

After an introductory training to this group, Mr. Rahangdale, the Divisional Fire Officer Mumbai Fire Brigade (who offered his Nariman Point Fire Station as a venue) introduced Mathew to the Director of Maharashtra Fire & Emergency Service, Government of Maharashtra, Mr. Deshmukh.
Mr. Deshmukh, happy with the proposed training, demanded a full briefing with his officers at their headquarters. A presentation on Scientology Disaster Response occurred on the 10th of January. Some of the firefighter executives travelled 800-1000 kilometres to attend the one hour presentation. Simply stated, all 15 attendees at this presentation were very excited about effective and workable technology. Within two days the venue had been arranged and the training started to officers from Maharashtra as well as to officers of a further 10 Indian states.

By the 27th of January, there was a graduation ceremony held with this batch. This not only included the officers in training but the top firefighter trainers of Maharashtra, Mr. Waghmare and Mr. Gaekwad who daily attended the intensive delivery of the course.
In the words of some of the graduates:
“Before using this technology, I really didn’t know how to study. I just tried to memorise without going into the depth of the concept, neglecting the hard words and without using the dictionary. This resulted in me forgetting everything after my final exam; and tried to neglect some subjects which I had the least interest. And now, after using this technology I realise that I was completely wrong. I realised that anything can be learnt in this world by the proper use of this study technology. Now, I am confident that by using this technology I can be an expert in any field, no matter how hard it is,” said A. Boro.

“Since we are involved in the field of fire service this knowledge which I have acquired from the book [Basics of Organising by Mr. L. Ron Hubbard] will play a significant role in achieving success in my career. The method of organising and its subdivision can be applied in any field, for example in business, service, profession, management and 100% accuracy is going to be achieved,” said S. Khan.

“Really it’s amazing to be a part of it,” (Ms. S. Rawat). “After reading Communication I have gained concentration and confidence in myself,” (Mr. P. Panwan). “I solved my hesitation problem,” (Mr. K. Patil). “This course is the most unbelievable experience in my life,” (Mr. S.K. Sharma).

This same training is now intended to be implemented into the National Fire Service College and the Maharashtra State Fire Training Centre, Government of Maharashtra, by Mr. Waghmare who stated, “I learnt the technology very deeply and seriously. Above all I am confident and able to use this technology in my life as well as in my job effectively. I will also be able to teach this technology to as many persons including my staff members that will help them in developing and making them capable of handling any situation effectively.”
As the Founder of Scientology, Mr. L. Ron Hubbard put it: “Insecurity exists in the absence of knowledge. All security derives from knowledge.”

Meanwhile, the Scientology Volunteers are training people on courses from The Technology of Study through to Basics of Organising, Communication, Targets and Goals at the big yellow tent at Nariman Point Fire Brigade Station. There are 19 courses in all being delivered, seven days a week, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. These are being delivered so that anyone can effectively apply the data to their own lives as well as to and for family and friends and society in general.