On Catamarans! Scientology Disaster Relief Team Going Village-to-Village

January 22, 2007 0 By Tad Reeves

The Scientology Disaster Relief Team traveling between villages in Albay Province in the Philippines.

Since early December, the Scientology Disaster
Relief Team
has been working one-on-one with those who survived Typhoon
Durian, which killed hundreds and displaced hundreds of thousands from
their homes.

With seminars and workshops based on the Scientology Handbook and the book Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health by L. Ron Hubbard, they are giving men, women and even children tools by which they can put these painful experiences behind them.

I was writing about this incessantly in my blog, trying to get enough people informed about what was going on so we could have some people get down there and start helping out.

Well, now the Scientologists who went to the Phillipines to help, have now also been getting natives trained up on what to do, and they’re now all over the place in canoes and catamarans, going village to village to help people out.


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