New Scientology Mission Opened in Kazakhstan

November 15, 2006 0 By Tad Reeves

Scientology Today: A Brand New Scientology Mission in Karaganda, Kazakhstan

2 things.

Firstly, I just saw this article on ScientologyToday, which I thought was a splendid article on an area which is has Scientology and Dianetics spreading across it like wildfire.  That, in itself, is nifty.

But secondly, this is my first attempt at using Flock, a all-in-one browser/social thingermajigger which has a built-in interface to my WordPress blog.  I just right-clicked on the story and clicked “blog this” and all of the sudden this nifty interface comes up to blog in.  This is on my Linux box, and as such having any such slick, well-thought-out application work on it is nice in itself. 

I’ll have to try this out and see where it goes!

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