Flickr Map of Scientology VM Activities

April 14, 2007 3 By Tad Reeves

How about this as one more example of a Church using Web 2.0 technology to communicate to the world:

Someone from the Scientology Volunteer Ministers organization is now posting photos from their various disaster relief efforts onto Flickr so that we all can track with all of the various diaster relief efforts and outreach efforts that are happening all around the world.

In the case that you’ve never seen Flickr maps, one can geo-locate photos simply by clicking on the photo and dragging it onto a spot on the map.

In this case, Scientology Volunteer activities in the Solomon islands are now geolocated and clickable right on the map.  This you can get to just by going to — and then you can ju st pull up any of the photos that are there.

 In this case, I think it’s a brilliant use of a web 2.0 app to enrich an already excellent Scientology VM site, so that you really get the feel for what Scientology volunteers are doing around the world. 

This is especially due to the fact that I know that the Volunteer Ministers are looking for volunteers — people who want to learn how to help others and go to far-off places like the Solomon Islands to help out.  If you want to do something a little different, and actually get out and help others, contact your nearest Scientology VM location right on there site.