Cruise-Holmes Marriage Doomed, Says Psychic

November 19, 2006 0 By Tad Reeves

Cruise-Holmes marriage doomed, says psychic
By Indo Asian News ServiceLondon, Nov 19 (IANS) Actor Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ marriage is supposedly doomed, according to a top psychic Kenny Kingston.

Kingston, who says Marilyn Monroe is one of his spirit guides, said that though the couple had picked a lucky date for the wedding, it wouldn’t really help them, reported said: ‘Nov 18 (the day Cruise and Holmes married) is a very special date because one and eight add up to nine and in the spirit world, it means the end of a problem, but the spirits do not approve of Tom Cruise or this marriage. The spirits think this marriage is unusual and it’s doomed from the start.’

Cruise-Holmes marriage doomed, says psychic

Now this is one I’m REALLY worried about!  🙂

Some of the things one finds in Google News really crack me up. 

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